Private PayPal Cam Sites

It’s well known that cam sites offer the best experience when you’re in a private chat, and merging that with a PayPal account gives you a reliable and safe way to thoroughly enjoy every moment. The reasoning behind that is quite simple, if you want to keep it private, then you need a payment option to keep it like that.

The traditional ways are long gone if you want to keep anonymous while masturbating with a hot model, some info might slip here and there, and it’s just not worth the risk. Also, there are constant hacking attempts, and successful at that, which is not the case at all with the beloved PP.

You Should Always Demand Quality

Sure, you might know of a bunch of sites out there, but can you be sure that they have what it takes to protect and entertain you? As a user myself, I have had the chance to test a lot of them out, using different methods and approaches, and so far, there are two which never fail to amaze me, especially when I’m using PayPal.

Are you looking for a kinky, open-minded girl? The babes here come in all variations, and they can’t wait to meet new people, especially if you’re sharing the same love for a specific fetish. They have their turn-ons listed, and it really helps when you’re in private, trying to get her worked up and soaking wet.

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Also, they do list the fetishes they’re into, and if luck serves you right, you’ll stumble upon that beauty who coincidentally enjoys JOI, sissyfication, or any other fetish you do. Overall, their bio’s offer more than enough information to make you land a decision and treat your cock to some stunning sights.

Goddess_Abby is a pale-skinned redhead with huge milkers, and she loves teasing with them. She squeezes them tight, pours oil between, and titfucks a dildo before your very eyes, but you won’t be allowed to stroke. She always wants a slave to prove himself by getting collared and made to drink out of a bowl, or lick the shoes and his toilet seat.

Once you do it right, she might allow you to stroke that dick, or she’ll flick your nuts and torture them a bit until they’re swollen. She enjoys hearing your moans, the teeth-clenching pain of your balls as you’re instructed to jerk off, but the orgasm is going to be well worth it in the end.

LiveJasmin is a no-brainer in the world of private cams, they’re the ones who dare to thread first, before anyone else, and they always innovate. But without the quality, it wouldn’t make sense, and it’s not lacking here for sure, that’s what PayPal saw in this site, seeing as they were amongst the first in the adult industry to get the green light.

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Everywhere you look, you’ll see something that gets your attention, that is before you see how mesmerizing the girls look. Besides their beauty, the private shows they offer are finger-licking good, which is a combination you won’t stumble upon so easily in the real world, whereas here you get to hand pick them.

I have to recommend BlairBrown, she’s a hot cougar who knows what it takes to seduce a man in the private PayPal cam chat, she’s charismatic, talkative, but to be fair she doesn’t even have to say a word and a man would fall in love. The way she moves that body will have you in shambles, the sensual striptease, the twerking, just thinking about it gets me erect.

She will kneel as those tits jiggle, and her plump lips wrap around a dildo, sucking it just the way she would blow your dick. Throw in some anal, let her spread those buns to take the rubber cock inside while screaming your name out, and prepare yourself mentally for a DP because it’s definitely going to make you shoot a fat load of cum out your stiff dick.


PayPal might just be the best pairing you’ll find out there for adult-related content. Purchasing on-site currency with your account is almost instant, that’s one of many difference-makers because when you’re horny, you need to stroke that hard dick as soon as possible, there’s no time to waste. 

Also, the sex webcam site doesn’t even get information about you personally, there is no name behind the purchase, while with credit cards that definitely isn’t the case. The best places to actually use your PayPal account would be Streamate and LiveJasmin in no particular order, the truth is, they’re both too good to be passed on.

Best PayPal Sex Webcam Sites

In the age of digital money processing, you could always use a helping hand, especially the one that’s going to cover all traces while you’re safely practicing cam sex. That’s why some adult sites are using PayPal, one of the best ways to pay for your online adventures, which also makes the connection between the two parties totally discreet.

If you’re still using credit cards, then at the very least you should reconsider your choices. Sure, it’s the one thing you’re used to paying with, but in this day and age, it’s not that good. With PayPal, you can go through all the dirty private chats with a model, and still be safe, but that’s just one of many reasons why it’s better.

Which Sites Can You Trust?

There are a lot of them out there right now, some have made the short, but a quite efficient leap of offering PayPal to their customers, while others are not that innovative. Still, if you want the mix of safety, quality entertainment, and great money to value ratio, then we’ve got you covered with the two best PayPal sex webcam sites.


Nothing screams reliability and diversity like Streamate. You can find a lot of models from all walks of life, some doing vanilla streams full of exoticness, while others dab into the world of BDSM. Then let’s not forget about those sexy amateurs, is there anything as exciting as being someone’s first? I doubt it.

However, it’s not so rare that you’re going to see legit porn stars streaming here, ever dreamt of banging one? Well now is your chance, go in there, face to face, whip out your cock during a cam2cam chat, and tell her what to do while you’re rubbing one out, and she’s talking dirty to you.


It’s all about luxury on LiveJasmin, the girls and guys here are stunning, just mesmerizing looks and transsexual models aren’t trailing back either. It’s not so rare that you’re going to hear something similar from other people when they talk about this site, all with that starry-eyed look on their face.

There are even some built-in filters that make your search easy, and a nice preview of the chat room without the need to click on it. Honestly, everything is built with so much attention to detail that your brain is going to melt, or is that the nut you’re going to bust?

PayPal vs Credit Card

It’s a clear cut between the winner and the loser here, but if you’re still not 100% sure why it’s like that, then I’m going to lay out everything for you. As you know it, the sole purpose of PayPal is to transfer money around the globe fast and safely, and they’re the masters at doing so, but there’s much more.

Safety Comparison

Credit cards have been around for decades, and they did see some changes along the way, but at their core, the power to abuse them is too high, even by today’s standards. You are always at a risk of someone intercepting your purchase and getting all the info towards your bank account, and then you’re in the deep.

With PayPal that’s pretty much impossible, firstly they don’t cooperate with shady webcam websites, even getting them to open the doors to the world of adult entertainment was a long process, and now that they’re here, the rules and regulations are tight. The technology behind it makes hackers look like total fools simply because they can’t steal anything.


There’s no need to overthink this one, your name and address are easily obtainable through the bank, and even your card is tied to a name that is not that hard to find out. Then you’ve got the statements which leave traces like we’re living in a dinosaur world, there are t-rex footprints leading right back to you.

PayPal does it differently, everything you need is a hidden e-mail address, the one you use for this purpose only, and we all know how easy that is. Your name or any personal info won’t be revealed to the porn site you’re paying for, they just get the money, and that’s all they need to know.

Customer Support

Hey, no one likes staying in long lines at your bank or speaking to an internet illiterate bank clerk over a phone. No matter what kind of an issue you have, they will most certainly take days, even weeks to do something about it since they either don’t care, or don’t want to be bothered with anything out of the ordinary.

On the other side, you’ve got 24/7 available support, and you can do it all by typing even, just in case you’re feeling under the weather, or want to be understood easier since there usually are some pictures involved, and you can’t do that through a phone call with them.


There’s no question in my mind that Streamate and LiveJasmin are the best choices when it comes to PayPal sex cams. With all the safety measures behind this payment option, and thousands of models performing on each of the sites, you’re in for a ride of your lifetime, and it never has to stop.

Live PayPal Porn Shows

There couldn’t be a better time to start using an alternate payment option for your live cam show craze. It’s not a secret that credit cards are ancient technology, the internet has evolved, and with it some superior technologies that grant you better anonymity, safety, and overall satisfaction with money processing speed.

PayPal has been around for more than twenty years, and it has reshaped itself to better fit the standards of modern times, built with the idea of a more efficient money transfer, and it has never stopped progressing. Nowadays it’s well-known, first and foremost for their anti-fraud and security breach efforts, and if that isn’t suitable for porn.

As with most things, we like to keep our privacy to ourselves, and honestly the further we go, the tighter the belts have been tied by the banks around our belts. They have left us no option to remain under the radar, at least in the non-traditional sense, by not having our information accessible and breachable so easily.

At least during one point in your life, you will, or already have gotten a call from the bank to get informed that your account is frozen. Those things can take a while, sometimes for weeks or even months to get unfrozen because paying for porn is frowned upon, suspicious, or whatever else the excuse might be.

Even though the system is made to protect you from security breaches, we’re left to wonder as to why it even happens, if there was better security, none of us would have to get into unpleasant situations on these live porn webcam sites. That’s why it’s time to ditch the credit card, at least when internet purchases are in question.

PayPal is built so your account could never be compromised, it’s just not an option, there are multiple layers of protection between you, your money, and a thief. That’s what happens when something is built with the right mindset and a lot of thought put behind the hard work.

What this means for sex cam sites, is that your name will never be accessible to a third party, they get the funds, you get the product, and that’s about it. You’re still able to ask for a refund, or contact customer support for any disputes regarding your funds, it happens, we all make mistakes, but you can always rely on your trusted PayPal to resolve any kind of an issue.

Imagine finding the perfect performer, the one your cock gets hard as a rock for, but you still have to deposit the money, and if you do it the usual way, with a credit card, you’re risking a banking statement getting mailed to your residence and someone else opening it, finding out when and where you’ve been spending all the extra money.

With PayPal you won’t be exposed to such scenarios, all the traces that lead back to you are on an e-mail address, and we all know those are not restricted to one only, so using a special e-mail is highly advised for your own safety, it’s the smart thing to do.

The speed at which you’re able to transfer money is incredibly fast, you might not think that it’s so important, but let me paint a picture for you. You see a sexy couple online, they’re ready to get all hot and heavy for you in a private chat, but you need to take some time to purchase the tokens.

If you’re not back in a minute, someone else will take your spot, it’s a game of first come, first served, and if you’re not going with PayPal, then your chances are slim. That’s a total boner-killer, you probably won’t be able to find someone with the same skillset and looks in the meantime, so it’s double the let-down.

Honestly, it doesn’t take much thought to notice which one you want to use while visiting a cam site. Live PayPal porn shows are the future, and the future is here, it’s up to you to reach out and grab the sweet fruits for the sake of an even sweeter sin, so don’t hesitate and treat yourself.

LiveJasmin PayPal Sex Cams

The majority of people know what this site is about, it’s kind of the first stop for new users when it comes to PayPal sex cams, and it is well established considering longevity. Considering the performers, it’s mostly populated with females, then trans girls, and some male ones. There are a bunch of filtering options, so you can find the one that’s lined up with your preference, from body types to hair and eye color, and everything in between. Don’t worry, you will also be able to find some dommes who are deep in BDSM and other kinks.

When it comes to LiveJasmin, your main concern is not going to be if you should pay to play, but what should you pay with. From the moment you sign-up, you will be required to link your payment option, and as always, it’s best to go with PayPal, quick, easy, and you don’t have to bother with trivial stuff like typing in your CC info. On top of that, you’re getting the benefits of not having to worry about unwanted billing information and other stuff that could threaten your anonymity.

Now that LiveJasmin has made sure that you’re of age (18+), it’s time to get some tokens, it is up to you how many, but the more you get, the bigger your cost-effectiveness gets, and you don’t have to bother withdrawing money out of your PayPal account too many times.

You will definitely find some models who are going to make you itch for more, but they’re not online and your breath gets heavy because you need a dose of their delicious performance. Relax, as a member, you just have to check their profile and find the list of purchasable videos, no matter how old it is, you can watch it without restriction.

Make sure to tune into some VIP shows, yeah, it sounds expensive, but for the consumer, it probably has the best money to value ratio. They usually cost you 1-2 tokens, and after the model has collected enough, the show starts, lasting 10 to 15 minutes on average, in case they haven’t reached the goal, the show is canceled and you’re getting back your tokens.

LiveJasmin holds their models to a high standard, regarding both beauty and streaming quality, all are required to stream in 720p HD minimum, which is refreshing, and grants you an enjoyable viewing experience.

Considering you’re getting some of the best live shows, LiveJasmin is a valuable stop for every cam sex site enthusiast, if not one of the best considering how many models are online at any given time, so don’t hesitate to check it out and drop some money from your PayPal account to please yourself.

Streamate PayPal Cam Site

With a sex cam site like Streamate, you want to get straight to the point because in order to even see the free shows you have to create an account and link a desired method of payment. There are two options; credit card and PayPal, and you don’t have to guess twice which one of these is better for your privacy and security.

In case you’re wondering why it works like that, I’m going to explain it to you. There’s no bullshitting from Streamate, what they do is clear, you pay as much as you watch the private shows, in dollars instead of built-in currencies like tokens. The one-on-one shows are starting at $1 all the way up to $5 per minute, but most are hovering at $2-$3, of course, you have the option to enjoy your free chat shows, but where’s the fun in that?

Do you want to see other PayPal cam sites that like the SM are known for giving you a real live sex experience? We have created a list for you on the PPCamSites so you do not have to go through all the low quality pages thus wasting your time.

The site is filled with performers, the standard, female and male models, but there is also an equal number of transsexuals as well, which you won’t find on other sites unless they’re specialized in that niche. On top of that, there are a lot of fetishes, vanilla stuff doesn’t work for everyone, so it’s quite refreshing to see, some of you want to be dominated, and some of you want to dominate, and Streamate has made sure to include both and much more.

You like your PayPal protection, but just in case you need additional layers on top of already implemented ones through your payment option, this site has got you covered in that aspect as well. If you have joined a live webcam show which turns out to be terrible for whatever reason, the customer support will be there to review your complaint, and you can get your money back. Or just in case you don’t want to overspend in a session, there is an option to limit your daily spending, starting at $25, because believe me, you will get carried away, but if you’re fine with not eating for the next week, then you don’t have to do it.

Linking your PayPal account to Streamate has to be done only once, the retyping and bothersome buying of tokens is bypassed, but in a sensible way that makes the experience of a user slick and fun.

In all honesty, you will have your money’s worth on Streamate, it’s an old dog (20+ years and counting), but it doesn’t need any new tricks to impress. With everything that’s offered, you will be set for life on the SM, so don’t waste any more time, go enjoy your engaging cam sex with some of the most charming performers the internet has to offer.

Flirt4Free PayPal Cam Site

When it comes to real kinky shows, Flirt4Free models are one of the most professional there is. Their private shows are a sight to behold, and you will surely want to experience them, sometimes solo, sometimes with a couple of other members, and for that, you will have to purchase some coins. Considering you’re here, your main concern is; are they accepting PayPal? In short, the answer is yes!

Now you can buy your credits with total discretion, protected from any hindering occurrences, especially from those damn hackers, they can go and find someone else who’s using their credit card to scam. No need to worry about credit card statements showing up with porn-related content that’s charged from your account either. That’s why PayPal is my go-to when browsing live cam shows, nothing beats anonymity and an extra layer of protection, it doesn’t hurt to be safe online, and if you’re smart, you will be doing the same.

Considering you’re getting 120 free tokens for the first sign-up, dishing out $100 for 1240 tokens is your next best choice, but I would advise you to pick up a monthly VIP membership for a measly $40 from you PayPal account, and you are going to get a bunch of extra content.

Access to your own recorded shows, model photo galleries, adult star video archives, and much more, plus 150 credits. There’s so much to keep you occupied that you won’t be able to go through it all, and you also get free access to all feature live shows as a VIP member, so keep an eye out for those, because they’re airing at certain times only.

Flirt4Free truly does offer a lot for their users, and you couldn’t choose any better payment method than PayPal, you don’t want to miss out on some models over there, so hurry up and buy some tokens, it’s going to take you just a moment, a couple of clicks and you’re set.

What’s even better you can do it all with one hand while preparing yourself with the other, imagine doing that with a credit card, by the time you would pull it out of your wallet, read the tiny numbers and CVV, you’d lose all interest in continuing. Considering all of the above, it’s no wonder many are switching to PayPal, and you should too if you haven’t already.

Does Chaturbate Accept PayPal?

Good old Chaturbate, there is nothing like it in terms of the sheer amount of content sex cams offer, and you can watch who you want, as much as you want for the simple price of nothing. Zero, you do not need to use any of your money, but just in case you want to feel like you are a part of the show, then, by all means, buy some tokens and use it to control the speed of vibrating toys, make a girl squirt, or whatever else it might be that’s offered by a model.

Okay, you have got a load of money laying around in your PayPal account and you want to use it?

With such a huge number of users, PP is and will stay the top dog when it comes to online purchase methods. Fortunately for some of you who are craving to buy some tokens in chat rooms with this method, as of 2015, after years of requests, it is a hunting season on the CB for PayPal users.

All except American users, for whatever reason it might be, the USA does not have this option included. It’s a real shame, because a lot of the other top camming sites do not experience this type of a problem, and I am sure there are a lot of you out there who feel the same way.

So, if you are one of those unfortunate users, you might want to take your PayPal money elsewhere, like LiveJasmin or Streamate, where you are going to get a valuable camming experience, especially if you are a fan of one-on-one camming. On top of that, here you are going to be eligible for bonus tokens while using your PayPal account, which unfortunately is not the case with the CB page.

For those of you who are not getting the short end of the stick on Chaturbate, you will be able to enjoy the full benefits of straightforward purchases through PayPal. You can safely and in full secrecy buy your tokens, protected from potential frauds, and in a matter of minutes, your account will be ready for use.

In hindsight, it sucks that a lot of the users from the American market are being snubbed from paying with PP, but here’s to hoping it gets implemented sooner than later, and in the meantime, you can enjoy watching the shows without ever spending a penny. Fortunately, we have listed other PayPal cam sites that let you to pay for the live sex using this most popular online payment method.

PayPal VS Credit Card On Cam Sites

A bunch of cam sites nowadays are offering multiple options to buy tokens on them, but there are two paying options that most people opt for; PayPal and credit cards. It’s a matter of popularity and usage, nowadays not having a credit card feels as if you’re lacking limbs, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the best option for online purchases. PP, on the other hand, hasn’t been so open to the adult industry in the past, but the moment it was implemented, the majority of users jumped ship and decided to make it their number one option.

Why is that? It’s simple, people want total secrecy when browsing their favorite sex cam sites, and credit cards make it hard for you to stay fully anonymous since your personal info is on them, and you have bank statements connecting you to something you would rather stay your secret. No one knows who you are when paying through PayPal, your identity is unknown to the cam site, and there is hardly any info linking you back to the purchase, except for the confirmation e-mail you are getting back into the inbox, and that one is easy to get rid of.

With the PP, you are adding another step to your protection against identity theft and fraud because of their encrypted data, which makes it virtually impossible for thieves to breach through security. Just in case you lose your phone, and someone else makes a purchase from your account, PayPal’s unauthorized transaction program makes you eligible for protection and full refunds when you report the misuse.

Compare it to any problem you have with a credit card company, these kinds of issues are usually slow-paced, and refunds are hard to get, sometimes close to impossible. By the time they do happen, your hair is going to get grey from all the stress.

The simplicity of PayPal’s purchase verification is another thing that attracts users. You don’t have to enter your credit card details when making a purchase for a new bundle of those sweet tokens you’re going to shower a model in. Just click on the PP, enter your e-mail and password (Unless they’re saved, then you don’t need to do that either), and in a couple of seconds, you’re back on the site, ready to get private with a sexy kitten.

On top of that, you are getting free stuff, and everyone loves those! The majority of camming sites offer extra tokens for purchases made through the PP. Using PayPal over a credit card is a win-win situation, total security and support against theft, multiple bonuses to gain just because you’re using it and not a credit card, and the most important stuff, absolute anonymity.

In my mind, and minds of many other users, PayPal is simply superior to any other online purchasing option, you can never be too worried when your online presence is in question, it’s easy to get cheated out of your money, and PP is taking precautionary steps to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

Benefits Of Using PayPal Cam Sites

We could argue all day long about which adult cam sites are the best ones since there’s so many of them, and in the end, it all comes to personal preference. One thing is undeniable, whichever it may be, you want to use the most secure and anonymous payment option which will grant you extra layers of protection.

Enter PayPal, we all know what it is, but in case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s the most popular and safest way to make online purchases without revealing any sensitive information about yourself.

Porn sites have been rapidly implementing new payment features, and with each day the number of them offering PP is increasing, which is great because you no longer have to go through the hassle of giving away your personal information through credit card info, and then hiding payment history, worrying you’re going to be compromised.

There are no traces leading back to you except for the confirmation e-mail that’s going to pop into your inbox, which, let’s face it, is easily hidden from anyone you might be afraid is going to see it, unlike those credit card invoices which your nosy wife might stumble upon, and you don’t really want that.

Another problem that might occur are hackers, they’re everywhere, and if your credit card info gets somehow stolen, which has been known to happen, you’re in a whole world of trouble, getting headaches left and right. Those kinds of problems are evaded with PayPal, in its history, there has never been a breach of security or account information stolen through cam sites. It’s practically another layer of protection between yourself and the site, and it helps you sleep easier at night, knowing nothing wrong can happen to your money.

You want your payment processing to be fast and easy, and PayPal offers that no matter which cam site you decide to use. Once you pick how many tokens you wish to buy, you will be transferred to confirm your PP e-mail and password, and instantly get the tokens into your account.

No more squinting to type in a bunch of numbers, missing some, typing again, and then hassling with the CVV number, then waiting for the bank to process the payment which for some might take some time.

PayPal customer service is top-notch, if you happen to overspend, your hand kind of slips from the mouse because you’re already excited, and go through with purchasing more tokens than you could ever spend in a lifetime, they will be there to set all the rights wrong in a matter of minutes.

So next time you visit a sex cam site, make sure to be extra careful, see if they’re offering PP payments, and you will know that they’re for real. More often than not, making purchases with them is going to make you eligible for some extra free tokens, what’s not to like there? Relax, and get ready for a wild ride with some hot babes while knowing your money is in safe hands, and privacy protected.

If you are looking for the list of the best places that allow you to use PayPal to purchase credits for live chat, then we have got you covered on the and we are updating it frequently with new information so make sure to bookmark it and revisit it in the future.