PayPal VS Credit Card On Cam Sites

A bunch of cam sites nowadays are offering multiple options to buy tokens on them, but there are two paying options that most people opt for; PayPal and credit cards. It’s a matter of popularity and usage, nowadays not having a credit card feels as if you’re lacking limbs, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the best option for online purchases. PP, on the other hand, hasn’t been so open to the adult industry in the past, but the moment it was implemented, the majority of users jumped ship and decided to make it their number one option.

Why is that? It’s simple, people want total secrecy when browsing their favorite sex cam sites, and credit cards make it hard for you to stay fully anonymous since your personal info is on them, and you have bank statements connecting you to something you would rather stay your secret. No one knows who you are when paying through PayPal, your identity is unknown to the cam site, and there is hardly any info linking you back to the purchase, except for the confirmation e-mail you are getting back into the inbox, and that one is easy to get rid of.

With the PP, you are adding another step to your protection against identity theft and fraud because of their encrypted data, which makes it virtually impossible for thieves to breach through security. Just in case you lose your phone, and someone else makes a purchase from your account, PayPal’s unauthorized transaction program makes you eligible for protection and full refunds when you report the misuse.

Compare it to any problem you have with a credit card company, these kinds of issues are usually slow-paced, and refunds are hard to get, sometimes close to impossible. By the time they do happen, your hair is going to get grey from all the stress.

The simplicity of PayPal’s purchase verification is another thing that attracts users. You don’t have to enter your credit card details when making a purchase for a new bundle of those sweet tokens you’re going to shower a model in. Just click on the PP, enter your e-mail and password (Unless they’re saved, then you don’t need to do that either), and in a couple of seconds, you’re back on the site, ready to get private with a sexy kitten.

On top of that, you are getting free stuff, and everyone loves those! The majority of camming sites offer extra tokens for purchases made through the PP. Using PayPal over a credit card is a win-win situation, total security and support against theft, multiple bonuses to gain just because you’re using it and not a credit card, and the most important stuff, absolute anonymity.

In my mind, and minds of many other users, PayPal is simply superior to any other online purchasing option, you can never be too worried when your online presence is in question, it’s easy to get cheated out of your money, and PP is taking precautionary steps to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

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